We impart training to all our employees at the time of recruitment and on an on-going basis. We also provide site specific training to our employees when necessary. We believe training our personnel plays a key role in determining and maintaining the high standard & quality of our services, and that offering rigorous training to our men gives our force a distinct advantage over others in the field. We ensure that all officers assigned are smart, suitable, trained and well mannered and especially good ambassadors for your company, and for ours.


Along with providing physical and disciplinary training, we also impart training which covers elements of the following


» Access control

» Gate control

» Visitor screening

» Vehicle searching

» Recording information

» Perimeter patrolling

» Handling communications and security equipment

» Operation of Alarms and Closed Circuit TV's

» Fire-fighting

» First aid

» Emergency response measures

» Maintenance of law and order on site.

» Reporting suspicious activity

» Coordination with the local authorities and police

» Protection and maintenance of documents relevant to security.