About Prince Intelligence Security





Prince Intelligence Security   is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.  And  Backed by trained workforce of  Experienced security personnel and managers, Prince Intelligence Security delivers premium services with high quality and absolute integrity.


Prince Intelligence Security  believes in continuously upgrading the quality of our resources and infrastructure to support the ever-changing customer requirements. operations of the Company..


We take pride in the fact that Prince Intelligence Security  is the only security service providing Company in the private security industry, which imparts professional and rigorous training of long durations to its guards and unit commanders at the fully residential training academies.


The training imparted to our security guards include basic guarding duties,  unarmed combat, fire suppression, first aid, mob handling, access control, visitor management etc. It is mandatory for all Prince Intelligence Security


We attribute our success to the way we approach the business of guarding services through proper selection, training and supervision.Prince Intelligence Security   does not look at security as an administrative function but places it in the perspective of  Risk management and loss prevention.