Employees are the backbone of any organization. However, if the employees are not handled correctly or employee of any organization commits fraud with the organization then it becomes a sensitive matter for organization instead of being a backbone. Therefore, it is important to verify the credentials of the employer before giving him the employment since they may prove fatal to the business in as much as the entire business . We are efficient in investigating the past records of an employee so that he/she does not become a threat to the organization.


A background screening would cover the following aspects: -

»Present and Past Residence Verification

»Criminal / Police Verification

»Past Employment Verification

»Qualification Verification

»Reference Verification

»Any other information as you may desire

Due to the sheer number of contract for Pre employment verification, we now have a dedicated team to carry out this assignment to ensure quality, confidentiality and timely report.


Post employment Verification:




Be your employee an undercover agent or have nexus with the vendors or claiming for damages from you in the court or simply not performing his job with honesty, we would verify every thing. False claim by the employees in the court can bring a liability for your company. We have relieved many of our clients from such false claims and saved their reputation and money. If you have not conducted a Pre Employment verification of your employees, you can carry out the same post employment also